Dinner Menu for 10/07/2017

Twice Baked Goat’s Cheese Soufflé with Apple & Celery Salad

(√Dairy, √Gluten, √Nuts)

Pan-fried Fillet of Trout with Almond Potatoes & Peas

(√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten, √Nuts)

Pear Clafoutis with Caramel Sauce

 (√Dairy, √Gluten)


Craig’s Notes

Well today was about refining dishes I have done before.

The Souffle were cooked from cold and I had a problem warming them through. They were really light and fluffy when hot, which genuenly surprised me, but never the less worked. I served them with a really elegant garnish of thinly sliced Apple and Celery julienne with a Sour Cream Dressed Apple and Celery Salad as a base for the Souffle. Dressing and Sour Cream to finish.

I really like this dish. Trout and Almonds fit like a hand in a glove. Simple braaised Root Vegeables with crushed Fennel Seeds, Pea Puree with whole Peas (looks like Mushy Peas but tastes completely different) and a tart Shallot, Tomato and Caper Dressing.

Poached Pears in a sweet Vanilla Pastry set in a delicous batter with Chantilly Cream and Caramel Sauce. I glazed the tarts before serving to give them a lovely dark top with singed bits too. Delicious!

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