Guest Information

Welcome to Killoran House

Welcome to Killoran House and the wonderful Isle of Mull.

We hope that whilst you are with us you have a peaceful and enjoyable stay. You can rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure that it is.

If there is anything you need, or we can do for you, whilst you are with us, please do not hesitate to ask. We will gladly assist in any way we can. Equally, if there is anything that we have not done correctly, please let us know as soon as possible. We will not be offended. We want everything to be just so for each of our Guests’.

If you see a tall, good looking, young man, or a small, pretty young girl, do not be alarmed. They are our children Henry and Gracie-Anne. You may see them about from time to time when not at School or otherwise engaged. We hope you find them polite and engaging.

We very much hope you enjoy your stay.

Craig and Tash

Killoran House Overview

A few important pieces of information we hope you find useful.


Breakfast is served from 8:30am until 9:30 am on a daily basis in our Restaurant located downstairs at the end of the hall.


Dinner is served for Guests who have pre-booked in our Restaurant at 7:30pm every evening.

Drinks from the Bar

Killoran House is Fully Licensed and we have an extensive range of Wine, Beer, Spirits and Soft Drinks available as well as Cocktails (Full Drinks Menu can be found towards the back of this folder). To order please ask us directly or dial the Intercom button on the phone located in the upstairs hallway.

We are afraid that Alcoholic Drinks that have been purchased elsewhere may not be consumed within the public areas.

Tea and Coffee

We provide Tea and Coffee making Facilities in our Guests’ Rooms. We have a further selection of Fruit and Herbal Teas available in the hallway.


If you need to connect to the outside world via the Internet simply search for Killoran House WiFi. No password is required. The Internet is not great here but is enough for Emails, Internet Browsing and such like.

Guest Lounge

Our Guest Lounge is a wonderful place to relax and just let the time pass by. You will find some very comfortable sofas, a few games, lots of books and DVDs, as well as the most beautiful views across Dervaig and Langa Mull towards the Sea. If the weather is not too bad, please feel free to go out on to the balcony and enjoy.

Television and DVD

Our TVs have Freeview and a DVD player on the side. There aren’t that many channels but there are enough to pass the time.


Please feel free to wonder our garden and sit outside and relax in the furniture provided. You will see just how quiet and peaceful it is here.

Guest Checkout

All good things must come to an end, and when it’s time to go we ask that you leave your room by no later than 10:30am.

When it comes to paying your bill, we will provide you with an itemised invoice showing all of the costs of your stay including Room Charges as well as any Drinks or Food taken whilst with us. Once you are happy with your bill and have checked and signed it, we will take payment from the card used to make your original booking.

If you would like to pay with an alternative card please let us know in advance as we have to enter the information onto our reservation system which is a little time consuming.