About Us

We took over Killoran House in April 2017 from Janette and Ian McKilligan who ran Killoran House for many years and built the business and it’s strong reputation. We have built on that firm foundation by adding our own special touches and bringing our skills and experiences of working in the Hospitality and Spa Sectors to ensure that we only provide the best in Accommodation, Service, Welcome, Cleanliness and Food.

Natasha and Craig

We are childhood sweethearts: we met at the start of the 1990s, we were engaged to be married in 1996, bought our first house in 1997 and eventually were married on 2007 – at a beautiful hotel on Kinloch Rannoch near Pitlochry.

Born and bred in the Midlands, we have an inexplicable affinity with Scotland. We first visited the Isle of Mull in 2009 for a very tenuous reason and we had a wonderful time. We travelled all over the island and went home refreshed and very relaxed a week later. Nothing usual there.

Mull crept upon us slowly, seeped in through the cracks. Glimpses of memories, “do you remember…”, shared smiles and a multitude of photographs to aid the memory. It’s not possible for us to explain, but those who visit will know. If you have been you will understand. It is a place on it’s own without comparison or equal.

We have always worked hard, Natasha as a Beauty Therapist and Craig as a Head Chef, Hotel Manager turned Software and Systems Developer. Together we built a successful beauty salon and online retail business but we have now given that all up and moved where our heart and soul have been urging since our first visit.

We would love for you to come stay with us, and maybe take a little piece of Mull back home with you. We know you won’t be disappointed but be warned: you my never want to leave.