Dinner Menu for 30/04/2019

Dinner Menu for 30/04/2019

Smoked Salmon Mousse with Prawns, Cucumber and Pea Dressing

 (√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten √Shellfish)


Pan-fried Fillet of Sea Bass with Sauce Vierge and Charred Leeks

(√Dairy, √Fish , √Gluten)


Rice Pudding Tart with Strawberries & Raspberry Sauce



Poached the fresh Salmon in a court bouillon, blended with Smoked Salmon pieces, little melted Butter and Marie Rose Sauce. Seasoned and set in a mould with a circle of Smoked Salmon. Started in freezer. Set wonderfully. Garnished with sliced Cucumber Salad, sauteed Cucumber Balls, shelled Peas and Dressing, Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce on top of the Cucumber, Salmon Mousse on top of that, Leaves, Prawn and pickled Cucumber Skin Caviar.

My Fish Monger let me down so used Haddock instead. Char-fried the half Leek, then simmered gently in hot water until cooked. Served with steamed Broccoli, Broccoli Stems à la Grecque, crispy deep fried Leeks and Sauce Vierge.

Sweet Pastry case with Raspberry Jam, topped with Rice Pudding and blow torched. Served with fresh Strawberries and Raspberry Sauce.

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