Dinner Menu for 15/06/2017

Prawns with Chorizo, Bacon & Peas

(√Pork. √Shellfish)

Sea Bass with Fennel & Mousseline Sauce

(√Dairy, √Fish)


 (√Dairy, √Gluten)

Craig’s Notes

Good starter. One of my own. Needs quite a lot of Peas and Pea Puree to balance the salty Bacon and deep Chorizo. Garnished with a oven baked slice of Pancetta and a nice oil. Cooked the Prawns in Garlic and Herb Butter.

Sea Bass and Fennel is a common combination but this idea came from the Roux Brothers. The Fennel should be stuffed into whole Sea Bass but I had fillets so I a julienne of Fennel, Carrot and Onion that I gently sauteed and then put in a sealed container to steam. Re-heated and used as a bed, it was very nice. The sauce came straight fom them. Hollandaise with a little whipped cream to aerate the sauce. Great. Foams? Recent fashion? Looks like the Roux’s were doing them 30 years ago.

I’m getting better at this. Used my own Biscotti, soaked in strong, sweet coffee. Made a loose Cream Cheese mixture with plently of Amaretto. Layered with Chocolate shavings.

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