Dinner Menu for 13/06/2017

 Potato Ravioli with Feta, Chive & Leeks

(√Dairy, √Gluten)

Pan-fried Salmon Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce

(√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten)

Cappuccino Mousse with Biscotti

 (√Dairy, √Gluten)

Craig’s Notes

The Potato Raviola are simply stuffed Gnochi which are then fried. Very nice but very hard to work with and time consuming. Nice filling of sauteed Leeks with Feta and Chive Oil. The cream sauce was flavoured with Leeks.

Beautiful piece of Salmon but it was too thick and took too long to cook the inside. Shallot, Lemon and Caper sauce was very nice. Served with Potato Gratin and charred Cauliflower. Incredile Provencale Tart for our vegetarians.

I think that the Cappuccino Mousse is one of my favourites and lookes really good in a cup. The Biscotti were relatively easy to make but do not slice them too thickly. They have to be cooked so long to dry them out that they are nearly inedible. Make sure they are sliced very thinly and leave them a little bit soft.

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