Dinner Menu 19/05/2021

Dinner Menu 19/05/2021

Falafel, Mint, Smoked Chilli Sauce

( √Gluten, √Vegan, √Vegetarian)

Sea Bass, Roast Peppers

(√Dairy, √Eggs, √Fish, √Gluten)

Cranachan Parfait

 (√Dairy, √Eggs, √Gluten, √Vegetarian)

Served the Falafel with Mint Jelly, Mint Mayonnaise, Aoli, Chilli Sauce and Salad from our Garden.

Butter poached Sea Bass with Leek, Pea Puree, Pommes Anna, Onion Rings, caramelised Onions, Sweet Peppers and Shallot, Red Wine, Pepper and Caper Dressing.

Cranachan Parfait topped with Raspberry powder and Whisky Gel, Raspberries, Raspberry Sauce and Meringues.

20210519-Falafel 20210519-Sea Bass with Peppers 20210519-Cranachan Parfait