Dinner Menu for 31/05/2019

Dinner Menu for 31/05/2019

Cullen Skink – a traditional Scottish Soup of Potatoes & Smoked Haddock

 (√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten)


Char-grilled Fillet Steak with Smoked Chilli Butter

(√Beef, √Dairy)


Cranachan – a traditional Scottish Dessert of Cream, Honey, Oats, Whisky and Berries

 (√Dairy, √Vegetarian)


Made a Leek, Onion and Potato soup with Milk and Stock. Removed some Potato for the puree. Added a little Cornflour (we have a Gluten intolerant Guest eating), blended until smooth, passed and seasoned. Trimmed Smoked Haddock and rolled and pinned. 10 minutes before service poached the fish in the soup. Served the hot Potato Puree piped into the centre with the Smoked Haddock beside it, poured the soup around and finished with crispy Leeks and mixed Herb Oil.

Pad-fried the Fillet and served with Mushroom Puree, Pea Puree, Pommes Fondant, charred Carrots, Cauliflower and the Smoked Chilli Butter. Nice.

Layered whipped Cream flavoured with Sugar, Honey, Whisky and Vanilla with toasted Oats and Oatmeal and a Berry Puree.

 20190531 - Cullen Skink 20190531 - Fillet Steak with SMoked Chilli Butter20190531 - Cranachan