Dinner Menu for 30/05/2019

Dinner Menu for 30/05/2019

Seared Black Peppered Salmon with Cucumber Pickle

 (√Fish, √Sesame)


Fillet of Haddock with Stewed Tomatoes, Pesto & Crispy Onions

(√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten)


Bramley Apple Crumble with Custard

 (√Dairy, √Gluten, √Vegetarian)

Cured the Salmon and the seared in a very hot pan. Served with Cucumber Salad, Cucumber Relish, Leaves, Fennel and crispy Salmon Skin.

Sautéed the Onions and Tomatoes together and left to cook down. Pan-fried the Haddock and served with Patatas Bravas, the Onions and Tomatoes, crispy Onions, Asparagus and warm Shallot Dressing with Pesto through the Dressing and Tomatoes.

Peeled and cored Baked Granny Smith Apple filled with Bramley Apple Puree topped with a gluten free crumble made from Oat Flour, Ground Almonds, Butter, Almonds and Demerara Sugar. Loads and loads of hot, sweet Vanilla Custard.


20190530 - Black Pepper Salmon with Cucumber Pickle20190530 - Haddock with Tomatoes, Onions and Pesto20190530 - Bramley Apple Crumble and Custard