Dinner Menu for 08/08/2017

Smoked Salmon Mousse with Courgette Salad

(√Dairy , √Fish)

Oven Roast Breast of Duck with Peas, Lettuce, Bacon & Mint


Lemon Cheesecake with Lemon Curd Ice Cream

 (√Dairy, √Gluten)


Craig’s Notes

Lined the mould tops with Smoked Salmon and then made a mouse out of poached Salmon with Smoked Salmon trimmings, Egg Whites and Cream. Served with a Cucumber and Courgette salad with Melba Toast.

This is a really nice dish. Classically British which is excellent. Pan-friend Duck Breast, finished in the oven with Peas, Bacon and Lettuce, Roast Potates and a little Mash too. Served with a deep Port Sauce – only a little though. Bacon Bits and Pancetta.

Baked American Cheesecake flavoured with Lemon and served with the velvety and delicious Lemon Curd Ice Cream from GR.


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