Dinner Menu for 05/09/2017

Poached Hen’s Egg with Asparagus & Hollandaise Sauce

(√Dairy, √Gluten)

Oven Roast Breast of Guinea Fowl with Bacon & Red Wine

(√Dairy, √Gluten)

Rice Pudding Tart with Raspberries

 (√Dairy, √Gluten)


Craig’s Notes

If fresh Asparagus are available and at a good price there is nothing better to do with then than wrap them in Bacon, serve with a poached Egg and add lashings of Hollandaise Sauce. Added a nice chunk of hot buttered Toast and an over large Parmesan Crisp. Needs to be smaller and thinner layers of cheese.

Filled the Guinea Fowl with a mousse made from the fillets simply seasoned and added Tarragon Oil. Served with Mustard Mash, Savoy Cabbage with Leeks and Cauliflower Puree. The sauce with Red Onions, Red Wine Vinegar, Red Wine, Stock and Demi Glace.

I really like the cut of this dessert’s gib, but I need to refine it. Next time make a slighlty loser Rice Pidding and mascerate the Raspberries and add a layer to the bottom. Let the Pudding setting into the pastry case and then glaze as inistructed.


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