Vegan Dinner Menu for 16/09/2017

Sweet Potato & Cashew Cheese Tart with Wholegrain Mustard Dressing

(√Gluten, √Mustard, √Vegan, √Vegetarian)

Spicy Spanish Meatballs with Rice & Peas

(√Gluten, √Vegan, √Vegetarian)

Griddled Peaches with Cherries & Vanilla Ice Cream

 (√Vegan, √Vegetarian)




Craig’s Notes

Mixed cooked Sweet Potato with Cashew Nut Cheese, seasoned and put in a Pastry case and fiinished in the oven. Served with Wholegrain Mustard, White Wine Vinegar and Shallot dressing.

I am not even going to try and describe how these are cooked. The recipe is from Smith and Daughters – A Cookbook (that happens to be vegan) – Page 89 (Don’t buy it from amazon eh? Anywhere but amazon. OK?). All I can tell you from a life long carnivore is that they are utterly amazing and taste fantastic. The only difference I made was to serve with simple Rice and Peas, Pea Puree and I served the Picada on the plate as an added texture. I made mine dry and crunchy.

Griddled Peaches (baked in the oven first), served with Cherries in Kirsch and Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream which you must get out at least 20 minutes before you need eat but tastes great.

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