Dinner Menu for 24/09/2018

Dinner Menu for 24/09/2018

Grilled Prawns with Chorizo, with crispy Bacon and Peas

(√Gluten , √Pork, √Shellfish)


Poached Fillet of Scottish Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce

(√Dairy, √Gluten)


Assorted Berry Eaton Mess with Cider Poached Apples

 (√Dairy, √Eggs)

Wrapped the Prawns in Pancetta and grilled until cooked. Served on crispy Croutons, sliced Chorizo, Pea Puree and Pea Dressing.

Poached Salmon in a Court Bouillon, served with Pommes Duphinoise, Buttered Savoy Cabbage, braised Carrot and Hollandaise Sauce.

Served crispy Meringues with Poached Apple, Chantilly Cream. Raspberry Coulis, Berries and the warmed poaching liquor.

Prawns with Bacon and Peas - 20180924 Poached Salmon with Hollandaise - 20180924 Assorted Berry Eaton Mess with Apples - 20180924