Dinner Menu for 04/06/2019

Dinner Menu for 04/06/2019

Smoked Mackerel with Panzanella

 (√Dairy, √Fish, √Gluten)


Baked Fillet of Salmon with Salmon Fishcake and a Lemon & Caper Butter Sauce

(√Dairy, √Eggs, √Fish , √Gluten)


Tart Tatin – Classic French Apple Tart served with Apple Sorbet

 (√Dairy, √Eggs, √Gluten, √Vegetarian)

Great dish. Chop large and small Tomatoes with Sun and Oven Dried Tomatoes and place in a bowl. Roughly tear Bread and crisp in the oven. 20 minutes prior to service add Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt and Pepper to the Tomatoes and stir gently. Fry the Bread in a pan in Butter until dark, hot and crisp. 10 minutes before service add the Basil and Bread to the Tomatoes and stir well – but again gently. Place the Panzanella on a plate, top with the Mackerel and drizzle with a very small amount of really good Balsamic, Basil Oil and tiny drops of Dressing.

Remove the skin from the Salmon and brown fat. Trim to a pleasing shape. Dice the trimmings. Prepare a fragrant mirepoix of Fennel, Onion and Carrot and place in the bottom of the paper. Topped with a large slice of Butter and Pepper. Place the trimmed Salmon on top, sprinkle with crushed Fennel seeds, thinly sliced Lemon and a dash of White Wine. Seal the bag. Gently poach finely diced Shallot in Butter and add the diced Salmon and allow to barely cook. Remove Salon and Shallot, reduce cooking liquor and gently fold into Mashed Potato. Add chopped Parsley, season and leave to cool and firm. Shape into Fishjcake and pane. Deep-fry to give even colour but not to cook, only to seal and brown. Cook the parcel in hot oven for 20 minutes on top shelf and Fishcake on middle shelf. Served with Asparagus tips and GRs Lemon Butter Sauce with the addition of Capers and chopped Parsley.

Add the prepared Apples to the pan that has lots of hot Butter in and then add Dark Brown Sugar and allow to caramelise. Add Apple Juice and the allow to create caramel and reduce slowly to very sticky consistency. Allow to cool slightly. Top with thick, short pastry made with Butter, Vanilla and Sugar. Cook slowly in the oven for about 40 minutes. Turn out and serve with Apple Sorbet.

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