Dinner Menu 14/08/2020

Dinner Menu 14/08/2020

Halloumi, Tomatoes, Shallots

(√Dairy, √Gluten, √Sesame, √Vegetarian)

Pork, Maple Bacon, Peas

(√Dairy, √Pork)

Tart Tatin

 (√Dairy, √Eggs, √Gluten, √Vegetarian)

Grilled and marinated Halloumi with Sesame Seeds, Black Pepper and Oregano. Served with fresh Tomatoes, Shallots, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Oven Dried Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers.

Poached (in error) Pork Fillet, with Maple coated Pancetta, Onion Puree, Roast Potatoes, Peas and Pea Puree. The sauce was made from the poaching liquid, Cream and Chicken Stock.

Tart Tatin Heston’s way – a bit watery. Served with Toffee Apples, Chantilly Cream and Apple Sorbet.

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