Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Tash and I have been working hard getting the house back in order for Guests. It seems we spread out when we’re closed and with the extended period of closure this year that has been exacerbated. We’re getting their slowly.

We’ve had quite a few reservations over the last few weeks which is excellent. We’ve laid out the Restaurant to ensure we can keep 2 metres between each table and we’ve done it, but it does leave the tables in strange positions. Never the less at least it works. Breakfast Menus are printed and I’m working on Dinner and Drinks Menus at the moment.

I’ve been working at lot at the polytunnel to try and grow food, bearing in mind I have never done so before, and we’ve enjoyed Peas, Turnips, Potatoes, Carrots and French Beans. I’m really pleased with the Carrots. They look like real Carrots – ones you would buy. Tasty too.

We’ve also had a lot of visitors to the tunnel including the smallest Frog I have ever seen. The picture below is a bit hazy but the Frog is the same size as a 5p piece. I think he’s taken up residence and he is welcome. Shame that the Slugs and Caterpillars are bigger than he is.

I’ve collected our first seeds too from our Chives. Stored them and I’ll pot them out next year. Looking to try and get as many seeds as we can from the plants we have bought this year, see if we can grow all of our own next year.

I’ve made a start on the big bed and the only thing I can tell you is that it is big. Back breaking digging but hopefully it will be complete before Guests arrive. Whilst digging the bed I had two brilliant surprises. I turned over a rock to find a Snake and we had a very low flyover by a Hercules. Rattled the house according to Tash and I had the presence of mind to take photos. See below.

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