Tuesday 4th August 2020

Tuesday 4th August 2020

We’ve been getting ready in the hope of seeing Guests next week. Lots of hard work going on and lots of things to buy. Menu Planning. Food and Drink purchasing. Drive Repairs. Gravel for the Car Park. It’s all happening.

Weather, as usual, has been mixed, but ironically it’s probably been the best Summer (so far) since we have been here. Generally warm and dry but we have had a deluge now and again. Today was the most rain I have ever seen. Did not stop all day long.

Been working hard in the Polytunnel to try and get it empty and ready for late season crops. I’ve made many mistakes this year which I won’t next year. I have learned many hard lessons about what to plant where, pests and soil care. All will be rectified.

Not going to have too much time to write many postcards whilst we have Guests. Tash and I work very hard to make their stay with us the best it can be and what with one thing and another, this year (what’s left of it) will be even more challenging.

Never the less, we are getting ready and crossing our fingers.

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