Thursday 21st January 2021

Thursday 21st January 2021

Well it’s been a while and a lot has happened since August – but I will not be adding to the darkness of the skies, weather or news. I’ve had enough.

We plan and expect to be open from May this year and to that end Tash and I have began planning what we will be doing in the Garden this year. It’s always difficult being so close to the wild side of Mull to try and tame our little patch or even to try and make it a little more organised. Never the less – we are going to try.

It’s quite hard to get the bedding plants to fill the large beds we have and the pots we use to decorate the grounds. Usually we have purchased them from Oban, and last year we managed to buy some on the island but not enough. So we have planned, purchased and already began sowing seeds for the flowers and fruit and veg we are going to grow.

We’re growing bedding plants and flowers for cutting along with vegetables and fruit inside and outside the polytunnel.

I’ve cleaned all the pots and trays and started sieving our own compost, started emptying and enriching the beds and have started covering them up to begin the warming of the soil We’ve planted onion seeds (!), Broad Beans and early Peas along with Salvia and Snap Dragons.

It’s all go here.

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