Friday 29th January 2021

Friday 29th January 2021

It’s been very cold of late and we’ve had a bit of snow, although not as much as other parts of the country. Still it’s been pleasant.

Started planting for some early crops and the early peas have started coming through well. Need to pot them on and then prepare the ground for them. They are going outside the polytunnel this year, as are the beans which I hope will provide a better crop than last year.

We’re going to be added some raised beds to the outside of the polytunnel. Use up some scrub area and formalise it a bit more and add the the amount of space to be growing. Need some sand and gravel and some warmer weather as the earth is frozen solid and not easy to dig into.

I’ve emptied, enriched and covered two of the beds in the polytunnel. I’ve used leaves, manure, our compost and come commercial compost to really try and make the soil more conducive to growing. Very sandy and dry when left untended.

I have taken my first winter wood cuttings on a Blackcurrant Bush that was growing just outside the kitchen window in very poor soil. All have taken and buds have begun to appear. Just need to protect them from the Deer now.

I have also included a picture of a sandwich I made for dinner. Onion Bread, Mustard Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Raw Onion and Smokey Fried Onions with chargrilled Steak. It was pretty good!


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