Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

It’s been freezing over the last few weeks and I think it’s only going to get colder this week so not been able to do much out side. Trying to keep fit get out when we can.

Gardening has come to a halt: I can’t dig in frozen ground to sort out the new beds so I am sieving compost (favourite pass time) and enriching the polytunnel beds.

Both Tash and I have been out and seen a lot more of the Island this winter. I have been on many walks with a friend of mine who knows Mull very well and is very experienced when up in the hills. We#ve done some pretty long walks, hikes and 1 very large mountain in the snow. It was incredible if not exhausting.

He called me and we went out today just down the glen on our bikes and then straight up into the hills. You don’t realise just how far you’ve gone until you’re coming back down. I think we did about 10K which is some going. The wind was incredible. Have a look at the inverted waterfall below.

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