Tuesday 7th April 2020

Well Ross turned up like the top fella he is and within fewer than 2 hours he had levelled the ground and done everything we needed. Great job Ross. Great job.

That then leaves it up to me which is terribly daunting. All of the manuals go on and on about getting the anchor plates and poles spot on. Henry and I did a good job with laying out the corner posts, using Pythagoras to make sure they were square and we began burying the poles. The corner poles still look good but some of the others look very much like a dogleg so I’ve go to take them out and do them again. It is extremely difficult getting 14 poles into the ground and ensuring they are all level vertically and horizontally over a 30′ x 14′ foot print.

Weather was nice though. Bright and clear if somewhat

Postcards from Mull 20200407-5 Postcards from Mull 20200407-5 Postcards from Mull 20200407-1 Postcards from Mull 20200407-2 Postcards from Mull 20200407-3 Postcards from Mull 20200407-4 windy.