Monday 6th April 2020

Went shopping today after isolating for the last 7 days after Tash had been ill. We live on the side of a hill and our nearest neighbours are about 300 yards away so we rarely see a lot of people, so it’s not until you go into Tob, queue up outside our little Co-op for 15 minutes and see the mood of the shoppers and the few people on the street, that it actually hits home what is going on. There was one poor woman who was shopping for other people who quite literally squirmed away from me when I approached, even at a distance. I genuinely felt very sorry for her and the fear she is feeling at this time.

The weather was doing a lot and was windy, bright, warm, cold, dry and wet. Nothing unusual here. One thing you can guarantee about Mull is that you get a lot of weather.

Message Ross who said he was coming to level out the ground tomorrow. Good man. Let’s hope there are not too many rocks!

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