Saturday 4th April 2020

Saturday 4th April 2020

The polytunnel arrived yesterday. Hurray! Now I’m petrified about putting it up. Not sure I have the skills.

It’s Gracie-Anne’s Birthday today. 10 years old. Which makes me feel around 100. I have no idea where time is going. Why does it speed up as you get older.

To really ram it home – we moved to Mull 3 years ago this weekend. I still feel like I’m on holiday.

Finished trimming the trees yesterday to open up the view from the house. Apart from the terrifying nature of clinging to a tree up a 20’ high ladder using a blunt saw to cut off a limb as wide as my leg – it went well.

Postcards from Mull 20200404-2 Postcards from Mull 20200404-3 Postcards from Mull 20200404-4 Postcards from Mull 20200404-1Weather is still overcast, cold and damp.