Thursday 9th April 2020

Thursday 9th April 2020

It was dry and still but overcast. Haven’t seen the Sun for days.

Spent all day preparing the anchor posts and after 10 hours of back breaking work I got there. All 14 posts in position, level and straight.

Now I know you’re thinking that this is not an impressive feat. You’re thinking that it’s just 14 poles in the ground and you’re right – it isn’t. What you must understand is the context:

I’m not my Dad or Brother who are infinitely practical and have the skills and knowledge. I’m an ex Chef turned Software Developer. Putting up a shelf takes me hours – ask Tash! I’m the man who makes a Cottage Pie or fixes a computer problem.

There was much shouting, a lot of tripping and slipping and an excess of Anglo-Saxon but I did it. 

This was page 1 of 56 in the Polytunnel Construction Guide and it took me all day. Oh dear…

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