Tuesday 4th May 2020

Tuesday 4th May 2020

Firstly the weather has been mixed. There is a very moody picture below looking over the Sound of Mull to the mainland. Very nice.

Secondly I have completed the installation of the Spring Tanks and the system appears to be working very well.

This one is for you Mr Round.

Henry and I situated the tanks on Sunday and connected the Gravel Filter to the Settlement Tank and then onto the Storage Tank. On Monday (which I erroneously thought was a Bank Holiday – why did none tell me!?) I began by back filling soil and emptying and cleaning the tanks. I then connected all of the pipes and re-wired the power to the pump. I did an empty and refill test and even though I have been planning and implementing this for 7 months – it appears to work like a bloody treat!

Only those who know me really well know what a bane this has been for me and only Ellis knows the efforts I have gone to to design, consider, sleep on, redesign, forward to an engineering expert, re-consider, re-design and then implement. Simply put it works. Simply put it works brilliantly. The flow rate through the system (Filer -> Settlement Tank -> Storage Tank) is roughly proportionate the the volume of water that the pump moves. It’s honestly great. I am chuffed to little mint balls. I am now waiting to see what rears it’s head that I did not consider.

Polytunnel is looking good. Things are beginning to show. Onions are doing well and we have Runner Beans, Lettuce, Peas and Beetroot all coming through. Just waiting on the Potatoes of which we have planted loads and I think I need to get more Onion sets in otherwise they will simply be thrown away.

Irrigation system still not finalised – sadly.