Tuesday 27th April 2020

Tuesday 27th April 2020

Polytunnel is finished and it’s up; just got to make things grow in it now. I have planted lots of Onions and Potatoes inside and outside the tunnel, Beetroot, Peas, Runner Beans, French Beans, Carrots, Celery (think it’s dead!), Leeks and Lettuce. Nothing growing yet apart from some runners so still looking a little stark.

One of my water pipe connectors arrived correctly. Two not arrived at all after a week and one incorrectly sent. I have managed to connect the 25mm water pipe to the 50mm overflow from our tanks so at least I don’t have to carry watering cans 100 meters any more. Yippee!

One of my other constant projects is our water spring. This is basically as 10 metre stream about 200 metres from the house on our neighbour’s land. When we were buying Killoran the previous owner described the water system as “Heath Robinson”. That was an understatement. Since then I feel that we have improved it somewhat.

Firstly two years ago we replaced the single 5000 litre header tank (water for 2 days when we have a house full of Guests) with two 10000 litre header tanks. This is enough water for the four of us for a month.

Secondly following the destruction of our “spring tank” (too small and very weak) during a winter storm, we have invested in two spring tanks to allow the water to be filtered 3 times before hitting out water tanks. This has meant a lot of digging on my part. One of the tanks is 150cm tall and needs to be buried 180cm into the ground. We couldn’t do that because the hole turned into a dangerous quagmire that Henry was very nearly permanently stuck in. Still we have managed a hole of 150cm which will suffice.

Now I am waiting for more connectors (2″ Male BSP x 50mm Compression Joint – see all of the technical terms I am learning) before I can finally commission my Spring Water Storage and Filtration System.

Watch this space.

Weather has been mixed but definitely cooler and a bit windier but still quite bright.

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