Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

The cover’s on and the polytunnel is up. The doors don’t quite fit because of a sizing issue with the batons but I can open and close them so that’s ok. The polythene is very tight over the hoops which is good but the crimping at either end is not great but Tash keeps saying “it’s fine…” so it’ll have to do. 

I’m a broken man (look down).

I have put up the sprinklers but I am waiting for pipe connectors before I can connect it to our water tanks. Need to back fill the sides to to prevent invasion by pests. Going to plant flower bombs outside to attract pollinators and to soften the impact. Even though it is tucked away at the back of the garden it’s still a massive structure.

Some of my seedlings have started to come through and as soon as we have water I’ll plant the rest of what I have. Going to try potatoes in bags.

Weather has been beautiful. Ever since we moved here April has always been a great month for fine weather.

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