Tuesday 18th May 2020

Tuesday 18th May 2020

I have finished at the Spring. Seems very strange to say that as it has been a constant worry of mine for the last 3 years, but all seems well. I have finished insulating the pipes and covering them to reduce their impact on the environment. I have removed all of the rubbish that had accumulated around there including the two tanks. It all looks a bit scarred at the moment but I am sure Mother Nature will work her magic over the next few months and years to heal them. Just need to maintain and monitor…and change the filters and clean the tanks of course. Maybe it will never be over. Still it’s a wonderful, little known part of Mull that only the lands owners, wildlife and our family get to see.

Everything is growing in the polytunnel and outside. The Onions in the Onion bed have taken well and the Potatoes in the sacks have started peeking through. I have completed the Brassica Bed to the side of the tunnel. Using two of the concrete posts that were left in the garden I have bordered it and lined it with cardboard then covered with some very dark soil I found and then I added the last bag of Bracken Straw, chopped it up and will leave it to reduce down a bit before I top with bagged compost just before planting. I have started propagating the seeds too for the Cauliflower and Broccoli and they have already come through. Planted more this week.

I have also started emptying the big bed by the Restaurant in preparation for the next project. We want to install 3 sets of benches their for our Guests to sit it. The plan is to put the benches within a retained gravel area and then surround the gravel areas with flowers for cutting. Trouble is it is going to cost quite a bit which we don’t have at the moment, what with one thing and another (Hello to Jason Isaacs!).

The weather has really turned since Sunday. Very heavy rain and clouds and it is really warming up. The wind has picked up too but I have have included some pictures of the last time the Sun was out.

Postcards from Mull 20200518-1 Postcards from Mull 20200518-2 Postcards from Mull 20200518-3 Postcards from Mull 20200518-4 Postcards from Mull 20200518-5 Postcards from Mull 20200518-6 Postcards from Mull 20200518-7