Saturday 23/05/2020

Saturday 23/05/2020

The weather has taken a real turn with very heavy wind and a lot of rain. It has been similar to a winter storm only more problematic due the foliage. No disasters so far so that’s good.

I’m getting ready to clear out the large bed in front of the restaurant and before I take out the plants I have taken cuttings of everything. Seeing if I can’t acquire a new skill. Free plants apparently. We’ll see.

Everything seems to be going well on the Veg front. We took out first crop the other day – thinned out beetroot tops and lettuce. Very nice accompaniment to my cheese sandwich. All the Potatoes are growing well along with the abundant Onions. Beans and Peas are looking ok and even the leeks have come through. Cauliflower and Broccoli are sprouting and the Spinach has begun to show it’s head too. 

Tash and I are hopeful we may see some Guests this year and we’re planning how we can do that right now. Let’s hope it comes off.

Had some new neighbours move in down the road too.

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