Sunday 28th March 2021

Sunday 28th March 2021

I’ve finally added the raised beds. All in. Just filling them with Seaweed before topping them off with compost. It seems like I have been doing them forever – and that’s probably because I have.

Lost my first sowing of Tomatoes and Cucumbers. Over heated in a room that is too dark. They all became too leggy so they have sadly had to go on the compost heap but that’s fine. I have re-sown and hopefully I will not make the same mistake.

I have potted on all of our Calendula: 60 plants in total. Pretty good. I have also raised 20 Sunflowers and 18 Lupins. We have a start for our beds and pots this year! Hurray.

Working hard to get ready to open. So much to do. Organise all of the annual repairs and we are renovating the kitchen too. Lots to organise and obviously weather dependant when painting the render. Fingers crossed the weather will break and DoDo (the world’s nicest man) will come and paint it before we open.

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