Sunday 14th March – Calgary Bay

We go to Calgary Bay often just to either walk the dog, spend a day on the beach or to collect Seaweed for the garden.It sits between hills and the closest hill as you come to the beach has always tempted me to climb it.

Now from the beach it looks very steep and is very steep and I think was a bit beyond us so we went to the right around the bay, as if walking to the old pier, and then headed straight up hill. It can seem that it might be a serious climb and treacherous but it was actually quite easy going and from the car to the peek took about 40 minutes.

As usual when going off piste more is seen of the layout of the land than is visible. There are many dips and valleys and quite a large abandoned village – a clearance village I presume which is well worth the visit. The views (as per the pictures) are fantastic and it is really very easy and quick to get to. Well worth an hour of your time during your next visit.

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