Wednesday 12th May 2021

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Just thought I would offer a quick update.

We opened for Guests last Wednesday and things are going well and the Guests are great.

There was a lot of hard work getting the house and gardens ready for opening. Ran out of gravel and MBS couldn’t delivery any so the Woody’s kindly collected it for us which was great so we have gravel where the benches are. Tash and I spend the entire weekend planting out all of the plants that we had grown, and some we have bought too. The pots look great and we have mulched them, and all of the beds, with wood chip. Monty says it’s the best thing you can do for your beds so we did.

The polytunnel and veg beds are coming on. Everything is growing nicely and moving on although I think some of he late frosts might have done for for my early spuds. I’m covering everything else with netting to stop the Deer from eating everything.

Just need to give it all time to grow now.

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