Sunday 28th February 2021

Sunday 28th February 2021

Have you ever began something you later regret? I think these raised beds might be a bit beyond me but I’m trying.

I have managed to get the most difficult one up but it was hard. Levelling it and getting it straight was nearly impossible but it’s there. I just have the problem of filling it now. So I have been to the beach to collect a lot of very heavy Seaweed which I am assured is a fantastic fertiliser. I have put the Seaweed in the bottom and then washed it off a bit to get rid of some of the salt and then covered with compost. Looks OK. Going to let it cook down for a while and then add some more compost in May (when my current heap should be ready hopefully!).

Problem is I have another 3 beds to put in and then paths and then tidying and then trimming of trees and then trenches for climbers and then planting and then potting and then…

All I’m saying is there is a lot to do.

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