Monday 30th March 2020

Monday 30th March 2020

Spent Saturday Gardening. Sunday Gardening and Monday Gardening. Spot the pattern?

Trying to erect a Deer Fence and grow Bramble around it. Going well but hard work. We have lots of Bramble here but we don’t get much fruit which I don’t understand. See if I can change this.

Built a den for Gracie-Anne. I was going to go and construct it from logs then I realised this would be very difficult. Found a Bivi in my camping gear and used that. Covered with a camo net and it’s done.

Still waiting on the polytunnel. It was in Glasgow yesterday. Have started to worry as the anchors have to be buried 50cm in to ground and there’s a chance we don’t have that depth here. Hope Ross can sort it.

Cool and bright yesterday.  Clouded over a bit but still

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