Dinner Menu for 07/05/2018

Sautéed Chestnut Mushrooms with Apples on Walnut Toasts with a Dijon Mustard Dressing

(√Dairy, √Gluten, √Mustard, √Nuts)


Poached Filled of Scottish Salmon with Cucumber Sauce & Cucumber Crisps

(√Dairy, √Gluten)


Bramley Apple Crumble with Vanilla Custard

 (√Dairy, √Gluten)


Nice starter. Even made the Walnut Bread with Sultanas for sweetness. Mustard Dressing needs work but the concept is nice. Do not use too much bread on the plate.

This is a nice Dish – Classic Doria but needs further work to make it outstanding. Cucumber Veloute was very nice and the cucumber balls were good too. Crackling always good but it needs additional thought.

Classic Crumble. Delicious Apples. Best dessert apple in the world without a doubt. Trouble is how do you make it look special. Hard work. Awesome dessert.