Friday 27th March 2020

Friday 27th March 2020

Had a decent day at the spring. Dug a hole for the filtration tank and then re-dammed the spring. Not deep enough so we’re going to have to go deeper. Problem is our Wellies were leaking so had to order new ones.

We had cottage pie in the end. Very nice it was too.

Received confirmation our poly tunnel was on it’s way. Let’s hope it can get to the island. Got seeds, got compost just need the tunnel and the know-how to grow food. 

Spoke to Mike about creating an orchard too. Said he will come and have a look. 

Not sure what I’m doing today. Might have to go shopping and pickup Ruby’s medicine from the vets. Might finish the den with Gracie-Anne. 

Open sandwich for dinner. We’ll see. 

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