Thursday 16th April 2020

Thursday 16th April 2020

The polytunnel is ready to be covered! Hurray. So following very good advice I am getting the beds ready before covering to protect the polythene.

I’ve been doing this for 8 days now and to be fair I have had help. Problem is I thought I would dig over, de-stone and de-root the ground under the beds. Then I had the great idea to sieve the soil to get rid of the unwanted stuff and begin to mix in the compost. It is a very good idea. This will help with utilising the tunnel going forward.

The problem is it’s back breaking and Tash and I working together for about 3 hours only managed to do 6’ of a 24’ bed. Now our bodies and minds are broken. We have 2 other 26’ beds to do after.

Aside from that the weather is cool, dry and bright. It’s very still and very beautiful.

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