Monday 22nd June 2020

Monday 22nd June 2020

As usual on Mull we have had all manner of weather. Hot and sultry days where it is almost impossible to achieve anything at all and then we have had storms which have blown all of the flowers off plants and blew all of my Potatoes down. Great. Naive gardener.

Tash and I have been helping deliver meals to local residents and Tash has been helping with prescriptions too. I have been asked to cook the meals for the next two weeks as the lady that normally does it has had to leave the island for a short while. Yesterday went ok but we’ll see what the feedback is.

We’ve been preparing and buying the things we will need when we re-open which for us (I think!) will the Monday 10th of August. Not had the OK to open yet but that is the way the prevailing wind is blowing. I suppose we will have to wait and see just like everyone else.

Polytunnel is going well. Had lost of visitors this week and I have included some photos below. Sorry about the ones that are not focussed very well. Spiders and other insects I have never seen before. The most beautiful orange Butterfly keeps coming in and getting trapped. Had to help them out lots of times. Seeing then in and around the garden too. There is even a picture of a tiny Field Mouse who was scurrying away as I was walking down the hill one day. The black thing is my Welly. Very lovely but they better not get in our Polytunnel – or else!

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