Coronavirus (CoViD19) Mitigation Strategy

Changes to our Strategy for 2022

Whilst we have left the Mitigation Strategy in place on our website we have made some changes to it following the reduction in seriousness of the infection within the general population. We have put a strike through the elements of the police we will no longer apply.

The health and well-being of our Guests, as well as our family, is always of the highest importance to us. It is also very important that we make our Guests feel welcome and comfortable and ensure that they enjoy their stay with us. We have worked very hard to examine everything we do, and every service we offer to our Guests, to ensure that we can marry the two together. To this end we have arrived at a number of Protocols that we will put in place prior to opening.

Overview of Changes

The main change that we will be making is that we will no longer have a “Full House” of Guests. We have 5 rooms each of which can accommodate 2 people. From this point forward, and until CoViD-19 is no longer a Public Health concern, we will only now be accepting a maximum of 4 Rooms booked at any one time. The primary reason for this is to enable us to offer Breakfast in a manner more conducive to keeping a physical distance between our Guests when eating.

Other changes we will be making will be unobtrusive yet highly effective in minimising the risk of infection whilst you stay with us. These are:

Infection of Coronavirus CoViD-19 is made through water droplets which are expelled from an infected person through Sneezing, Coughing or Breathing. These droplets are then carried to uninfected people through touching an infected surface and then touching their face. This is why preventing the spread through catching Coughs and Sneezes and the single most important measure Hand Washing, will be very important in our battle against the virus whilst still ensuring our Guests have a brilliant stay.