Greeting our Guests on Arrival

Greeting Guests upon arrival is very important to us. Natasha greets all of our Guests, completes the Sign-in and then offers a brief tour showing where the Restaurant, Guest Lounge and their room is whilst answering any questions they may have. This will stay exactly the same with a few small changes.

  1. We will provide Hand Sanitiser within the Porch for Guests to use upon arrival at Killoran House prior to entering the main building. Our Front Door is always open.
  2. Just through the doors into the main house is the Reception Desk. Please ring the bell. Natasha will be along shortly.
    1. Change 1: We always shake hands with our Guests. Always. This will no longer be possible.
  3. Natasha will show you where the Restaurant and Guest Lounge and then take you to your room. Your Registration Form will be in your room. Please complete the form in full, sign it and when next passing please leave it on the Reception Desk.
    1. Change 2: We usually ask Guests to complete the Registration Form upon arrival at the Reception Desk.
  4. Prior to arrival we will check to ensure that we have Payment Card Details on our system from when you made your original booking and that they are still valid. If we require card details from you we will ask that you write them on the Registration Form and hand it directly to either Natasha or Craig. The details we will require are:
    1. Full 16 Digit Card Number
    2. Expiry Date
    3. 3 Digit Security Code from the back of the card
  5. Natasha will ask you to choose from the available Breakfast Sitting Times of which there may only be one choice and if this is the case we ask you to forgive us.
    1. Change 3: We usually offer Breakfast between 08:00 and 09:00 and allow Guests to come at any point between these two times. We are now going to have 15 minute sitting windows to allow us to fully focus and serve each of our Guests at Breakfast. See our Breakfast Overview for further details.