Our Green Policy Statement

Here at Killoran House we are doing our best to be as environmentally focused as we can and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

  • Every bulb inside and outside of the house is LED.
  • Appliances are gradually being replaced and upgraded with more energy and water efficient models.
  • We have and will continue to plant new trees in our woods (mainly pine because the deer seem to leave these alone).
  • Our water comes from a natural spring but has to be pumped into and around the house. After being filtered it then goes through a UV process. Our water is regularly tested by the local council.
  • Our showers have Jetstorm shower heads that save water by mixing it with air when in use.
  • We are still looking at the best way to deal with the huge use of water toilet flushing incurs.
  • Washing machines are probably our next biggest user of water. You can help in this respect as you will see signs in the bathrooms asking you to consider whether you can go without a daily change of towels.
  • We use local producers for food and other supplies wherever this is practically viable.
  • We recycle all our paper, plastics and cans.
  • Kitchen waste is all composted directly in the ground to enrich our soil which we then plant directly over.
  • We ensure that little or no food is wasted.

2023 Update

  • We have removed 2 very old and inefficient Oil Boilers and replaced them with a Hybrid System utilising a large Air Source Heat Pump and a Condensing Kerosene Boiler.
  • We (plan to) install a 20Kw Solar Array with 20Kw of Battery Storage during our Summer break in July and August.

You can help in lots of ways, for example, recycling towels as noted above, switching off lights when leaving a room, putting newspapers and plastic bottles beside your bin for recycling.

If you have any suggestions from your own experience on how we could do things better in this regard, we’d be delighted to hear them.